Locate and attend local 12 step meetings

Help clear the home of stashes of drugs/alcohol

Set up a meeting to reintroduce the family post-discharge

Aid in the resumption of work/career

Support the client in the uneasy first few weeks home

Assist with finding local service providers for continuing care

In addition to escorting a person to and from treatment, sober companions provide services tailored to meet an individual’s needs, in the home or while traveling. Here are a few of the services a sober companion might provide:


Have you had an intervention and don’t know how to get your loved one to treatment? R2R Companions provides transport services to help your loved one get to treatment safely. Medical support can also be provided as needed.


At other times, an individual may need to transition between treatment centers, to a different level of care. R2R Companions can provide a qualified escort between care providers. The transition between structured environments can be traumatic for someone early in recovery; we can help make the transition as safe and seamless as possible.


The transition home from rehab or sober living can be daunting. Returning home can seem like returning to an utterly new environment when looked at through the eyes of those early in recovery.


A R2R Companion can provide support for your loved one to implement the treatment center’s aftercare plan. We start by escorting your loved one home and can stay as long as is necessary to help them get acclimated to their new life in recovery.


These services generally last from 2-4 weeks at a minimum, up to several months. Transition services are provided in 12 hours shifts for clients who demonstrate a high degree of stability or on a live-in basis for those who need intensive support, particularly in the evening.

Event/Vacation Support

Intensive time with family or colleagues, especially away from the structure of home life, can create the grounds for relapse. R2R Companions regularly accompanies individuals on vacation or to events to help those in recovery make solid choices to maintain their recovery while showing up in positive and meaningful ways for those around them.

Exclusive Services

R2R Companion specializes in discerning and high profile clients who require discretion and privacy. All of our services are completely customizable to meet your circumstances and needs.


Interventions are opportunities for the most important people in a person’s life to help them see the need for treatment. R2R Companions works with interventionists based throughout California and Tennessee, and those who provide services nationwide. If you need help with an intervention, please call us for a referral.

How It Works


Contact us through email or phone so we can learn about your needs and understand how we can help.


Together we will come up with a personalized plan that fits your needs based on your schedule and budget.


We will provide continued support and adjust as needed. We are here for you when and however you need it most.

Contact us to learn how we can provide custom services for you.