Provide accountability to help you implement a recovery plan

Create an action plan to move your life forward

Help you structure your day

Assist with goal-setting

Provide referrals to resources to help you develop your support system

Encourage you in through the challenges of daily life

Help you overcome the obstacles that keep you from successfully manifesting your goals

One of the most difficult parts about cultivating the life you’ve always wanted is creating lasting change. A coach will meet with you virtually, several times a week over a period of several months, to ensure you instill a firm foundation in your new life. A coach will provide the extra layer of support that empowers you to meet your goals and take your life to new levels.

Meet Your Recovery Coaches

Photo by Wheaton Mahoney

Sonny Mayo

Before Sonny Mayo became a program administrator and board member for Rock to Recovery®, he overcame his struggles with addiction, alcoholism, and depression. He has been clean and sober since 2001.


Sonny rebuilt his career as a professional musician by living a positive, disciplined, joyous lifestyle. Through personal tragedies and health issues, Sonny has cultivated and thrived in his loving approach to life in recovery. In his work as a recovery coach and mentor, he offers experience, support, and accountability to those who seek to live fulfilling lives.

Photo by Wheaton Mahoney

Wes Geer talks about the unique skills Sonny Mayo brings to our coaching clients.

Ronna Holtz

Ronna Holtz has worked in the recovery field for more than a decade, specializing in life skills coaching, disordered eating, substance use disorders and assisting those with co-occurring mental health issues. She especially enjoys working to bring out an individual’s creativity and to assist creative clients to overcome blocks. She loves encouraging clients to find a renewed sense of expressiveness. Ronna is compassionate, loyal, and empathetic, assisting clients as they carve their own unique path to healing and recovery.


In addition to her coaching work, Ronna enjoys writing and music, and was a road cyclist for many years.

Additional Coaching Programs

People who do not have an addiction problem can also benefit from coaching. These are some of our other tailored coaching programs.


Adolescent: Teens and young adults benefit from coaching, to be accountable, focus on goals, and learn how to express emotions in positive and constructive ways. Our adolescent coaching program is designed to benefit teens who lack motivation, show defiance, or feel lost.


Creativity: Artists, writers, actors, musicians, and other creatives often have blocks that keep them from developing their craft/skill to its highest level. Learning to be fully expressive is what you’ll get by engaging in a creativity coaching program.


Accountability: Accountability coaching helps people who have trouble sticking to their goals or who harbor limiting beliefs that keep them from being productive. If you are frequently overwhelmed or lack the courage to follow your dreams, an accountability coaching program may be for you.


Empowerment: Many people have gone through difficult or traumatic experiences that have left them feeling unloved, powerless, or disconnected from others. If you want to feel stronger, more confident, and develop better interpersonal boundaries, a coaching program that focuses on empowerment may help you attract the healthy relationships you deserve.


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