Our Mission

R2R Companions is a concierge service providing local support to assist individuals in achieving their recovery goals, while maintaining their lifestyle


All of our sober companions and recovery coaches complete a rigorous training process. Though many sober companions claim to be “certified,” there is no national certification for sober companions. To fill that void, we have created a training program that includes ethics, rapport building, developing client resources, and accessing community support. Each sober companion and recovery coach is carefully trained and supervised, for best client results.


Our process is different from other companies; every sober companion or recovery coach is supported by a PhD level manager, who monitors progress and provides referrals for additional resources as needed.

Sober Companion

Sober companions are individuals in recovery who help others become grounded in recovery. Sober companions provide a host of different functions, most of which are to support a person in making good decisions and developing a lifestyle that promotes recovery.


Sober companions may work with an individual for a few hours or many months. Services are provided based on the needs of the individual seeking support.


R2R Companions work with several dozen insured, experienced sober companions. Whether you need someone to go on a world tour, film set, awards ceremony, or help you transition home from treatment, we have sober companions available to assist. Our roster of companions provides a high level of service with discretion.

Recovery Coach

A recovery coach assists people who may not need full time support, but could use the accountability of a mentor who can help them identify and overcome specific obstacles that keep them from happy, purposeful lives. For those early in recovery or who are getting sober without the benefit of residential treatment, the coaching process assists in identifying triggers and other obstacles to staying clean outside the structured setting of a treatment program. For those with experience staying sober or who have issues other than addiction, your recovery coach can help you find and pursue the course that will lead you to having a more meaningful and fulfilling life.


Recovery coaching is a mentorship process which provides accountability and support to those who want to improve their outlook and effectiveness in life.


Our recovery coaches are compassionate and experienced. We will help you get to the “next level” in your life.

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