About Sober Companions

Our Mission

R2R Companions provides PhD level managed care and support to those who are struggling with mental health, addiction or other issues, and need to maintain productive, active lives.

Sober companions are individuals in recovery who help others become grounded in recovery. Sober companions provide a host of different functions, most of which are to support a person in making good decisions and developing a lifestyle that promotes recovery.


Sober companions may work with an individual for a few hours or many months. Services are provided based on the needs of the individual seeking support.


R2R Companions work with several dozen insured, experienced sober companions. Whether you need someone to go on a European tour, to the Oscars, or help you transition home from treatment, we have sober companions available to assist. Our roster of companions provides a high level of service with discretion.

Our Leadership Team

Wes Geer

Former touring guitarist with Korn and CEO and creator of Rock to Recovery, Wes is a dynamic musician and speaker who has spent 25 years navigating the music business and relationships with rock stars. His own challenges have made him passionate about sharing personal growth techniques with others.

Constance Scharff, PhD

Constance is a bestselling author and an internationally recognized mental health researcher. She’s also a master trainer who brings a deep understanding of mental health practices to our curriculum. Constance began her career as a Girl Scout camp counselor and Girl trainer. She brings a high level of energy, enthusiasm, and integrity to her work.

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